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Maktub Limitless is a veteran-owned business that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion consultation and education services for all industry sectors, including for-profit and non-profit organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, and foreign embassies.

We pride ourselves on serving people, communities, and organizations, spreading unifying messages, and encouraging everyone to reach their full potential. In doing so, we help organizations create coalitions, establish strategic partnerships, and facilitate transactional communication for people from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities to share their experiences and be their whole/authentic selves.

Maktub Limitless Dynamic Leads

JaJuan Smart

JaJuan Smart

Founder and Managing Member

JaJuan Smart (he/him/his) is a change management advocate and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.  As a 14-year Service-Disabled United States Air Force veteran, he has honed high-level leadership, organizational, and multi-level interpersonal communication skills throughout his time serving in the military, and while visiting and living in other countries.  JaJuan’s relational leadership abilities have allowed him to use his experiences and insight to understand the perspectives of other people, form intercultural alliances, and apply learned concepts to business and institutional practices.

JaJuan’s lifelong advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion culminated in him starting Maktub Limitless LLC to serve industries in need DE&I related services and initiatives.  He has served as Chair of DE&I for multiple committees, obtained D&I certification from Cornell University, and associate produced DE&I related short films.  JaJuan believes in the purpose of serving, spreading messages of unity, and removing limitations applied to disadvantaged groups.

Dr. Marcellues Hall

Dr. Marcellues Hall

Vice President and Director of Education & Training

Dr. Marcellues E. Hall creates holistic education science-based tools and protocols that help learners develop a mindfulness-based practice of connection, awareness, and accountability to create space for experiencing comfort, safety, and joy in the body to experience peace in the mind. Dr. Hall is the founder of Karma Hall Edu. Since 2006, Dr. Marcellues Hall has been a relentless advocate for the professional and educational community, pursuing social and educational justice. As an accomplished educator and writer, he expresses his passion for emotional and social growth and development through his education and research on a global scale.

He is committed to educating, elevating, and celebrating equality for all learners and professionals through research, EDIA initiatives, and Mindfulness-based teachings that help build strategic alliances to provide opportunities for all people, especially historically marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved people. His life’s mission is to help people cultivate space for experiencing comfort, safety, and joy in the body to manifest peace in the mind.