Maktub Limitless

Advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Consulting, Education & Training, and Program Implementation and Refinement

Diversity Consulting to
Create Equitable Measures
& Advance Inclusion in All Markets Globally


Who We Are

Maktub (pronounced mock – toob) is an Arabic term with a literal translation of “it is written” regarding destiny or fate. At Maktub Limitless, we believe that our potential as human beings and as individuals is limitless. This ideology extends to all facets of our lives and covers various subjects to recognize that each unique individual has unlimited potential encoded within themselves.

As Maktub Limitless serves the world to invoke diversity of thought and perspective, we aim to curate minds and hearts to evolve beyond the destructive ideas that have been ingrained within both unconsciously and consciously and evolve to the point of open-mindedness to learning that affects our depth of decision-making. Thus, creating an inclusive climate that promotes psychological safety, meaningfulness, and capacity unlocks the limitless potential in its people to elicit diverse thoughts, innovation, and creativity.

How We Create Transformational Change

*Design* effective strategic business practices to transform conscious and unconscious bias behaviors in a professional environment by changing the mindset and language of an organization.


*Collaborate* with Executives, Senior Leadership, Human Resources, and other change agents to establish efficient and specialized best practices that drive equity in a multicultural workforce.


Engage the work community in critical dialogue to dissolve social and cultural misconceptions that are counterproductive to the workforce and education community by advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion through education and training programs that promote cross-cultural relationships.


*Posture* work cells aimed at seeking out harmful traditions that stifle career progression and reinforce the marginalization of disadvantaged races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual preferences.


*Conduct* extensive research to identify annual trends that project measurable best practices to increase DEI awareness and standardization of work culture changing policy.


Diversity Is About Us... Equity Is for Us... Inclusion Is Defined by Us!

Mission Statement

Facilitate inclusive climates where people can be their authentic selves, unlocking their unlimited potential and allowing diversity to flourish.


Core Values